MAC (Monkey’s Audio Converter) for Windows can be downloaded from But what about a UNIX version? Two years ago v3.99 Update 4 Build 5 was released but then the development stopped because of some contradictory licensing reasons. That means that MAC for UNIX is not maintained anymore. Fortunately, the old version still works. I compiled it under Solaris 11 x86 and use it for SqueezeCenter.

The source tar file is attached to the post: mac-399-u4-b5.tgz (MD5)

Some notes.

  • To check the MD5 digest:
    % md5sum -c mac-3.99-u4-b5.tgz.md5
    mac-3.99-u4-b5.tgz: OK
  • Always use –prefix=/usr/local (or any other directory in which you keep non-standard files) configuration parameter, because by default the prefix is set to /usr. You might overwrite Solaris file /usr/bin/mac (message authentication code):
    % ./configure –prefix=/usr/local
  • If you are going to use –enable-assembly=yes option (you need yasm to compile assembler code) under Solaris change “sh” to “bash” in src/MACLib/Assembly/Makefile in the following line (line 214 in my case):
    STRIP_FPIC = sh $(top_srcdir)/

    This is what the line should look like:

    STRIP_FPIC = bash $(top_srcdir)/
  • There is already a program /bin/mac (see above). If you don’t want to use the full path to the MAC, simply rename the latter:
    # mv /usr/local/bin/mac /usr/local/bin/MAC

2 thoughts on “MAC for UNIX”

  1. Hello,

    I compiled and installed mac on /usr/local/bin and renamed to MAC to avoid conflicts with systems mac. But how do I configure squeezecenter to use this MAC instead of the preinstalled one?

    thanks in advance!.

  2. I changed its name from mac to MAC (all capitals) and from [mac] to [MAC] in convert.conf (in the slimserver root directory).

    For example:

    ape wav * *
    [MAC] $FILE$ – -d

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