Displaying by page

How to enable, disable displaying by page and change the number of lines by page in various OS’es

Netscreen OS:

ns-1(M)-> set console page?
<number>             lines of page (0 to disable)

Cisco IOS:

cs#terminal length ?
<0-512>  Number of lines on screen (0 for no pausing)


pix(config)# pager ?
Usage:  [no] pager [lines <lines>]
pix(config)# pager
srsusfws1# sh pager
pager lines 24


Enable page display mode

Disable page display mode

fdry-1#terminal length
DECIMAL   Number of lines, or zero to disable paging


% man more

Clears before displaying. Redraws the screen  instead
of  scrolling  for  faster  displays.  This option is
ignored if the terminal does not have the ability  to
clear to the end of a line.

Displays the indicated  number  of  lines  in
each  screenful, rather than the default (the
number of lines in the terminal  screen  less

% man less

-c or –clear-screen
Causes full screen repaints to be painted from the  top
line  down.   By default, full screen repaints are done
by scrolling from the bottom of the screen.

The -C option is like -c, but  the  screen  is  cleared
before it is repainted.

-[z]n or –window=n
Changes the default scrolling window size to  n  lines.
The default is one screenful.  The z and w commands can
also be used to change the window size.  The “z” may be
omitted for compatibility with more. If the number n is
negative, it indicates n lines less  than  the  current
screen  size.   For example, if the screen is 24 lines,
-z-4 sets the scrolling window to  20  lines.   If  the
screen  is  resized  to  40 lines, the scrolling window
automatically changes to 36 lines.

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