QNAP NAS, Solaris and NFS

I thought that nothing could be easier on Solaris than to mount a directory from a QNAP NAS (running Linux). Ha! Nope… Here’s some gotchas.

QNAP firmware v2.x does not support NFSv3 or NFSv4, so you have to explicitly use “-o vers=2”. As a result, you cannot use files bigger than 2GB (no problems with SMB).

QNAP firmware v3.2.x supports NFSv3 (use “-o vers=3”) but does not support NFSv4. Big files are back, but to get the AUTH_SYS authentication back too, add “sec=sys” to the options string (considering that users on the NAS box have the same UID’s as on Solaris).

xeon# mount -F nfs nas:/photo /mnt
nfs mount: nas:/photo: No such file or directoryxeon# mount -F nfs -o vers=3,sec=sys nas:/photo /mnt

Or use the automounter:

xeon# more /etc/auto_master
. . .
/nas auto_nas -nobrowsexeon# more /etc/auto_nas
* -vers=3,sec=sys nas:/&

xeon# svcadm restart autofs

xeon# cd /nas/video

The directories must be exported as “No Limit” access rights (UID’s and standard file access modes will be used).

One thought on “QNAP NAS, Solaris and NFS”

  1. Hi, thanks for this information. I am running 3.6.1
    I am getting permission denied if mount with -o ver=3,sec=sys. Can you explain: (considering that users on the NAS box have the same UID’s as on Solaris).
    How do I setup UID in the QNAP?

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