Upgrade x (Solaris + SqueezeCenter)

Here’s a quick way to upgrade one or both Solaris (tested with Nevada snv_107) and SqueezeCenter (tested with SC 7.4 24827).

  1. Remove the CPAN directory in the SC root directory
    # mv CPAN CPAN.orig
  2. Install missing CPAN modules
    # perl -MCPAN -e shell
    cpan> install Bundle::CPAN
    . . .
    cpan> reload CPAN
    cpan> install I18N::LangTags
    cpan> force install Scalar::Util
  3. Disable Encode::Detect::Detector module in Slim/Utils/Unicode.pm (line 40). The module can’t be compiled for Solaris.
    # vi Slim/Utils/Unicode.pm
    . . .
    #use Encode::Detect::Detector;

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