SunRay and Sun and non-Sun keyboard sequences

For customers using non-Sun USB keyboards, controls such as volume and reset can be accessed using alternate key sequences. Use the key combination Ctrl-Pause-, where is one of the keys listed in the table below:

Alternate Key Sequences for Non-Sun Keyboards




Soft reset (equivalent of Ctrl-Moon on a Sun keyboard)


Show status (3 audio keys)

Right arrow

Volume up (right arrow)

Left arrow

Volume down (left arrow)

Down arrow



Show model, MAC address, and firmware version

Hot Key Preferences

Hot keys can be configured for various Sun Ray utilities. The scope for these hot keys can be:

  • System-wide default setting
  • User default setting
  • System-wide mandatory setting

To support these levels of customization, the utilities look for the properties files in the table below, in the following order, at startup:

Sun Ray Settings Properties Files






This file contains helpful default properties. Any properties specified here override any defaults built into the application itself.



This file contains the user’s preferred values, which override any application or site-wide defaults.



This file contains site-wide mandatory settings that cannot be overridden by the user. These properties override any application, site-wide, or user defaults.

If your policy is for all DTUs to use a standard hot key, use the system-wide mandatory defaults file to specify this standard key. This prevents users from specifying their own hot key preferences.

The format of the hot key entry in these properties files is:


where is the name of the utility, such as utsettings or utdetach, and value is a valid X keysym name preceded by one or more of the supported modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Meta) in any order. Values are shown in the table below:

Specific Hot Key Values

Example Value



Invoke the Settings GUI.


Invoke the Pop-up GUI


Press this key sequence twice to kill a session.


Press this key sequence twice to kill the process that has taken control of the Xserver.


This detaches a non-smart card mobility session.


Display the DTU’s MAC address.


Power cycle the DTU.

The new hot key takes effect when the next user logs in. The next user to log in uses the new hot key to display the Sun Ray Settings screen. Users who were logged in before you changed the hot key continue to use the old value.

Source: Sun Ray Server Software 4.1 Administrator’s Guide for Solaris

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