One-liner: how to check the SSL certificate expiration of several servers

for i in
  exp=`echo | openssl s_client -connect $i:443  2>/dev/null | 
  openssl x509 -noout -dates | fgrep notAfter | sed -e 's/^.*=//'`
  echo "$i        $exp"
done	    Feb  6 12:00:00 2018 GMT   Apr 20 10:01:10 2017 GMT

One-liner: how to count the total amount of specific lines in several files

Let’s calculate the amount of lines, containing the word “extended” in */*.conf files:

egrep -c extended */*.conf | 
awk 'BEGIN {FS=":"; sum=0;}{sum +=$2} END {print sum}'  

BTW, using awk alone is slower:

time awk 'BEGIN {sum=0;}/extended/{sum++} END {print sum}' */*.conf

real	0m0.94s
user	0m0.91s
sys	0m0.01s

time egrep -c extended */*.conf | 
awk 'BEGIN {FS=":"; sum=0;}{sum +=$2} END {print sum}'

real	0m0.13s
user	0m0.10s
sys	0m0.02s

fgrep is slower than egrep:

time fgrep -c extended */*.conf | 
awk 'BEGIN {FS=":"; sum=0;}{sum +=$2} END {print sum}'

real	0m0.21s
user	0m0.17s
sys	0m0.03s

One-liners: simple ASA log parsers

Sometimes you do not need a detailed log-analysis but several simple one-liners that you can adjust without too much thinking how it works, what you did last time, etc. The examples below are absolutely NOT optimal, but rather modular for easy line-editing.

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