Unkillable process

Snv_92 has been entertaining me since I upgraded from quite stable snv_88. I’m hitting a bug after a bug. (See here).

This is the latest – unkillable process, which can’t be killed with kill -9 or zone reboot. Reboot just hangs. Truss ends up with:

xeon# kill -9 22131
xeon# ps -ef | fgrep 22131
root 22728 5471 0 00:49:27 pts/5 0:00 fgrep 22131
alekz 22131 1 0 20:48:30 zoneconsole 0:03 /opt/sfw/lib/firefox/firefox-bin -P Sun –no-remote
xeon# truss -p 22131
^Ctruss: unanticipated system error: 22131

dtrace shows nothing. The only workaround is to reboot the entire system.

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Bug ID 6455727