QNAP NAS, Solaris and NFS

I thought that nothing could be easier on Solaris than to mount a directory from a QNAP NAS (running Linux). Ha! Nope… Here’s some gotchas.

QNAP firmware v2.x does not support NFSv3 or NFSv4, so you have to explicitly use “-o vers=2”. As a result, you cannot use files bigger than 2GB (no problems with SMB).

QNAP firmware v3.2.x supports NFSv3 (use “-o vers=3”) but does not support NFSv4. Big files are back, but to get the AUTH_SYS authentication back too, add “sec=sys” to the options string (considering that users on the NAS box have the same UID’s as on Solaris).

xeon# mount -F nfs nas:/photo /mnt
nfs mount: nas:/photo: No such file or directory

xeon# mount -F nfs -o vers=3,sec=sys nas:/photo /mnt

Or use the automounter:

xeon# more /etc/auto_master
. . .
/nas auto_nas -nobrowse

xeon# more /etc/auto_nas
* -vers=3,sec=sys nas:/&

xeon# svcadm restart autofs

xeon# cd /nas/video

The directories must be exported as “No Limit” access rights (UID’s and standard file access modes will be used).

1 thought on “QNAP NAS, Solaris and NFS”

  1. Hi, thanks for this information. I am running 3.6.1
    I am getting permission denied if mount with -o ver=3,sec=sys. Can you explain: (considering that users on the NAS box have the same UID’s as on Solaris).
    How do I setup UID in the QNAP?

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