Switching keyboard layouts and IIIM

Internet/Intranet Input Method (IIIM) is a distributed Input Method solution that provides Input support for Java & X11 clients via Internet/Intranet. The related documentation can be found here.

When I upgraded from snv_83a to snv_85 I lost the ability to switch layouts. This is what I discovered:

iiim-properties sets the hot-keys ( <Ctrl>-<space> by default) and available languages

The following processes must be running:

  • iiim-xbe
  • /usr/bin/iiimx -iiimd
  • iiimd -nodaemon -desktop -udsfile /tmp/.iiim-username/:3.0 \
         -vardir /export/home/username...

If no processes are running they can be started with:

/usr/bin/iiimx -iiimd

The processes are supposed to be started during the logging in by /usr/dt/config/Xsession.d/0020.dtims

If $DTSTARTIMS is set to True:

it calls either /usr/dt/config/$LANG/0020.dtims (if it exists)

or /usr/openwin/lib/locale/common/dtims and if ($LANG ends up in .UTF-8 or contains .UTF-8@) /usr/openwin/lib/locale/common/imsscript/S505multi

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